Sunday, April 11, 2010

My kids were born to be in water...

Well in February Bobby decided we needed a boat. Now you have to know a few things before this all started we had been going to the lake for several years with his brothers family on their pontoon. We ride around all day, eat our picnic lunches, and swim. The kids have a blast. And yes we did that every single Saturday that we possibly could. If you have never spent a day on the lake it's awesome. So if you know my husband at all, you know that he doesn't do anything SLOW. So no we did not get the pontoon to just cruise along and enjoy the water, we got a ski/wake boat that goes very fast. So if Abby and I want to go slow we will have to get back onto the pontoon with Bobby's brother and family. But thats ok we LOVE it! His hope is that Abby and Andrew will start skiing and love it...but we will see. :) I'm sure we will have plenty of stories about going to the lake this summer.

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Cindy said...

Michelle, enjoy the boat! I spent part of my summers growing up on a lake it is a beautiful way to grow up!