Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There's NO way I'm eating that...

This past weekend on the way to the lake we decided to eat at the local barbeque place before we launched the boat. We were all trying to conserve a little money, you know the recession and all, :-) so we all ordered off the lunch menu. Well Abby orders ¼ chicken plate and before I could ask her if she knew what she had ordered, because she usually gets chopped chicken, the waitress was gone and I just let it go. There’s something you need to know about Abby in her “old” teenage years she has gotten a little picky about her meat. She probably is a step away from being a vegetarian. So the waitress comes back and sits her plate in front of her and her eyes got as big as saucers. If you know what ¼ of a chicken looks like well it’s the wing and the breast connected. It looks like ¼ of the chicken. She took her fingers and barely picked up the wing and then dropped it back onto the plate and says, “There is NO way I’m eating that!”. You should of seen the look on her face. It was classic. So I told her that I could pull all of the meat off for her so that she could eat it without looking at the “poor chicken” as she called it. So I did and she ate it. When we got outside she said, “Mom now I know what ¼ chicken is!” I told her that she was probably going to have nightmares of chickens with their heads cut off chasing her. LOL!


Peggy Sue Brister said...
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Peggy Sue Brister said...

My kids have decided on numerous occasions that they are going to be vegetarian because I am. They want to be like mom. But then they turn around and ask me to bake them some chicken nuggets. I told them, "You know nuggets are meat, right?" They would never give up meat. Not anytime soon though. But I have picky eaters for sure. A house full of them.
I had to delete my original comment and re type it. I had typos. :)