Friday, August 5, 2011

From The Mouths Of Babes

I cannot let this summer get by without this story. My facebook friends have heard about this but I just have to blog about it.

Our recent trip to Gulf Shores Al was actually a work trip for Mr. K so me and the kids stayed at the condo and enjoyed the pool and beach during the day while he worked. So on our first day at the beach while feeding the seagulls my little mr personality (10 yr old) said, " Hey mom! Those beach eagles sure love those cheese nips!" I said, "Beach eagles???" And Miss A (15 yr old)

starts cracking up and says, " Beach eagles! Those are SEAGULLS!"

We will forever now call seagulls beach eagles.

So on our way home we passed our lake and Miss A said, "Well if seagulls are 'beach eagles' then our geese are 'lake eagles'!" No truer words were ever spoken!! :)

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