Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Mischievous Elves are BACK

So Saturday morning our elves, Simon and Echo, decided to show up by hanging in our closet. Our elves have been returning every year since Andrew was 3 years old (now 10) and Abby was 9 (now 16). This is looked forward to every year and this year since Abby is now 16, Andrew has adopted both elves because he thinks Abby doesn't take care of hers anymore. ;) I really don't believe he actually "believes" they come alive at night any more, it's just the fact that he enjoys seeing what messes they get into. And for a few years it's been quite a job finding mischievous things for them to do. But because of some of my blogging friends I have found several blogs that have really cute ideas for the next few weeks. And this year I decided I would blog what our elves do for others to get ideas.

Sunday night we hadn't gotten our Christmas Tree out yet so Simon being the inventive one decided to "build" his own tree out of Solo red cups. Then he fell in one and got stuck. Being the wonderful sister Echo is she just sat back and enjoyed it!! :)

Andrew leaves them candy canes and graham cracker every night to feed them.

Last night Simon and Echo decided that it would be fun to dye the toilet water red. Very Christmas guys! :)

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T3ach3r said...

Cool. I have an elf this year for my class. Hey, don't forget to follow me on blogspot...